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Halloween Icons Part 2 -

Disney Villains…as Princesses

"No one wears this dress like Gaston!"


In case you haven´t seen Scar in the mixed set :)

(He breaks the princess rule, i know.. but i found the idea way to funny)

*has been laughing for the last hundred years*

Hades and Facilier omg

(Source: sweetcookiecarnival)

  • Track Name

    Don't Dream It's Over

  • Album

    "Crowded House"

  • Artist

    Crowded House


Crowded House
Don’t Dream It’s Over

Never thought I’d see this song here. I use to listen to this song all the time as a kid.

Funny story: I’d asked my dad to get me a song that I was sure was named “Hey Now” (but it was actually “All Star” by Smash Mouth). I eventually started falling in love with 80’s music after that. Leading to my love for 2Tone Ska of course. 

IMPORTANT: Westboro Baptist is coming to Alaska to Picket the Native Heritage Center here




Evidently, the Westboro Baptist Church has decided to picket the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Why? Who knows. All we should care about is repelling them, which is what a few of my friends and I are doing. We’re going to be mounting a counter picket to their hate speech, and we’re going to defend…


Everyone I know is already planning on trolling them hard and trying to basically run them off lol

*sigh*…seriously? They never have anything better to do, do they?

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